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ME 04555

Tidewater Telecom & Lincolnville Communications


Optical Premises Ethernet Network


The fastest Internet speeds in the industry with a direct fiber optic connection to your home or business.


With the magic of fiber optics you get the same high rate of speed anytime you need it - even during peak usage!


Speeds up to 50x50 Mbps with higher speeds available upon request.


Ask about our Bundles


Triple Play Bundles that include IPTV (The newest in the Cable TV delivery)

are available now! All your services on one bill!!


O.P.E.N. bandwidth is now available in the greater part of the MidCoast Region.



What can Optical Premise Ethernet Network (O.P.E.N.) do for Residential & Small Business customers?

The answer begins with understanding the almost limitless bandwidth that O.P.E.N. brings to the table. This bandwidth has the ability to both deliver and equally send:

- Large files - End of the day financial documents, large image files for medical records, white papers for technical information downloaded at light speed, crystal clear prints and photos delivered in seconds to potential buyers all over the world, ability to scan, send, receive and view legal documents with clients in real time, etc.

- Soft Telecommunication - Virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange),  SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking, Video Conferencing, Cloud Based Storage and Applications, etc.

- IPTV - Full Cable TV Lin up, Whole Home DVR, OTT (over the top video; Netflix, Amazon Movies, Vudu )

- Whole Home Automation - Remotely adjust thermostats, turn on lights, lock doors, utilize Smart appliances that can communicate with the grocery store or technical services to help fix themselves.


- Security for Home & Business - Remotely access alarms, cameras, window & door sensors, have systems that send emails & texts to your computer or smart phone when you have an alarm, etc.


- Hospice - Monitors the elderly or sick, remotely delivers medicine & activates medical devices, etc.


- Multiple Devices - The ability to handle all your family or business devices.(Ipad, tables, laptop, smart phone, gaming console, appliances, printers, etc.)


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